Why Paid Search should be part of any construction and property marketing plan?

Why Paid Search should be part of any construction and property marketing plan?

If you are looking at advertising your property or construction business, then Paid Search needs to be part of your strategy. The following article will detail why, including how to generate instant website traffic for a low cost-per-click and being able to control where and when you spend your budget.

Low average cost-per-click

When it comes to Paid Search, one of the biggest factors that will impact your return on investment and how much monthly budget you need to spend is the average cost-per-click. It is well known that some industries have a very high ‘cost-per-click’ – for example, finance keywords can cost as high as £15 cost-per-click (although long-term customer value is high).

In the 10 years of working in Paid Search, we do stumble across the odd gem when it comes to low cost-per-click and high return. That is definitely the case when it comes to construction and property keywords. Whether you are a builder’s merchant, a main contractor, sub-contractor, estate agent, developer or selling new-build properties, the keywords have a low cost-per-click.

What is average cost-per-click?

Average Cost-Per-Click is the average amount that you pay every time somebody visits your website. The activity we recommend is PPC (pay-per-click) so you are only paying for clicks to your site, which is the most effective way to spend your budget.

Highly measurable activity

Paid Search provides a lot of data, which makes forecasting performance easier. Paid Search will track users from clicking on an ad, right until they make a purchase, fill in a form or even make a phone call. The data provided will show the exact keyword that has generated the click and the conversion.

This makes forecasting easy – for example, if you know that the average cost-per-click is £1.50, you know that for £150 you would get 150 visitors to your site. If 10% of those people convert, then you have 15 leads!

Qualified leads

The reason why Paid Search leads are highly qualified leads is due to the fact that the users are actively involved in the process of searching for the product or service you offer. They have already started the decision-making process that they need your help.

Geographic targeting

Another feature of Paid Search is geographic targeting. This is a great feature for property and construction clients as it is highly likely that the target audience will have to physically go to a particular location. By managing your budget geographically, you can be more aggressive in specific areas. This would work well for something like property. For example, imagine a scenario where you have a new-build development with 100 new build properties to sell. In a short period of time, you sell 70% of them off plan. Therefore, you could reduce your ad spend for that particular development.

Stand out in the crowd

Most people will be aware of RightMove and Zoopla when it comes to property advertising. However, RightMove is becoming overly crowded. The traffic levels are high, but even featured listings can be missed and you will be charged irrespective of how much traffic is generated.

Furthermore, whatever industry, if you launch a new website, the chances are it is going to be a while before you see any organic traffic (non-paid). You could put your budget into SEO, which will give long-term reward. However, it is going to be a long time until you see any return on investment. As such, Paid Search and Paid Social can help you to appear in front of your target audience almost instantly, providing a much quicker or more effective solution.

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