Why LinkedIn is a vital marketing tool for the construction sector

Why LinkedIn is a vital marketing tool for the construction sector

For many construction businesses, especially those with a B2B target market, LinkedIn is the go-to social platform of choice. It provides access to a diverse range of professionals spanning many industries, but also those particularly relevant to the construction industry.


How can LinkedIn help our construction company?

LinkedIn has become so much more than a virtual job networking site. There are currently over 630 million professionals using LinkedIn, and, according to eMarketer, LinkedIn made up the largest share of B2B advertising spend in 2021. If your goal is brand awareness, better networking and leads, then LinkedIn should form an essential part of your marketing strategy.

How is LinkedIn relevant to construction?

The construction industry, post pandemic, is realising that social networks and online marketing are increasingly more important. Although sometimes difficult for a sector traditionally built on word of mouth, public tenders and in-person networking, the construction industry can leverage more traditional values such as building a solid reputation or winning work based on relationships, applying them equally to the online world. Whilst it will never replace relationship building face-to-face, LinkedIn offers clear ways to grow and strengthen both your business network and your brand – a vital tool in the post-pandemic remote-working world.

How can I use LinkedIn to help my business?

Whilst anyone can have a profile and presence on LinkedIn, to make any time spent on the platform worthwhile, it is vital to have a strategy. Built can help you create a strategy, using every aspect of LinkedIn to your best advantage. We have experience in covering everything from thought leadership to paid advertising on the network. Clarifying your goals with us will help to make a measurable strategy that works for.

So, what are you most interested in?

Building your network

LinkedIn is the digital equivalent of handing someone a business card. Connect online with everyone you do business with. If you talk to someone face to face, via email or online networking events – you have made a connection. Remind them of your conversation by connecting on the platform and sending a personal message and your network will grow organically. Use this online network to access further contacts and leads.

Building your brand

LinkedIn is a place where your brand can reach stakeholders, potential leads, future employees as well as existing contacts. It is also the most trusted platform, allowing you to build a genuine corporate reputation through your activity. As well as talking about your projects and services, LinkedIn recommends focusing on the following topics:

  • Executive thought leadership.
  • Company culture and employee advocacy.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Environmental, social and governance.

A strong brand presence on this platform allows you to confidently make direct contact with potential leads, offering them an insight into your company and values before they contact you.

Establishing your position in the industry

Your news feed allows you to keep in touch with latest developments in the industry. By planning and curating your posts, you can also position yourself and your company within the sector. Working with a company like Built by Aphra can help you plan and create content that will stand out from your competitors.

Investing in your advertising

Using paid advertising means you’re guaranteed to reach a defined audience with content that elevates your brand, is targeted, and will get more qualified leads. LinkedIn offers ad campaign set ups based on the marketing goals you want to achieve. You can create single image, video, carousel, or event adverts, as well as direct messaging or conversation ad campaigns. Work with us to create show-stopping adverts using precision copy that will catch the attention of your potential leads.

Measuring your interactions

Whether you’re interested in how many people like your thought leadership post, or how many clicks an advert has gained, LinkedIn offers easy ways to measure the effectiveness of your communications. If you work with us, we provide monthly reports on all your marketing activity allowing us to tweak for performance and make strategic recommendations. Whilst it’s perfectly possible to go it alone on LinkedIn, like all communications channels, using it in a targeted way that aligns with your company’s strategic aims is always going to get better results – and even more so if you work with an experienced full-service marketing company like Built by Aphra.

Let us help you achieve your LinkedIn goals

As LinkedIn becomes more of a virtual gatekeeper, if you don’t have a successful profile set up, you may lose contacts and returned calls. Used the right way, LinkedIn can open up opportunities for you and your company, build connections with customers and industry peers, strengthen your brand, and offer more targeted lead generation.

Why not give it a try? We’d be happy to help. Talk to us about setting up your LinkedIn strategy.