Why do blogs matter in the construction industry?

Why do blogs matter in the construction industry?

You may be wondering “how can a blog help my business?” The answers are simple. Here are 10 reasons why your construction business needs a blog.


1. Profile

It helps to raise the profile of your company or management team as an expert or thought leader in your sector, creating a trusted identity for your customers to relate to.

2. USP

Well researched and written blog articles can further clarify your USP, highlight relevant case studies and also profile team members, all showcasing your USPs and instilling trust in your customer.

3. SEO positioning

By adding content to your website, a blog gives Google more words to read, having a hugely positive effect on your SEO ranking. You can pack your blog with lots of connected keywords to give Google a clear picture of what you do and how you can help their online searchers.

4. Referrals

People may share or link to relevant blog pieces, which can help improve your conversion rates and add to your word-of-mouth referrals. This is the best kind of advertising, and it’s free.

5. Lifetime value

Blogs stay on your website for a long time. This means an old blog is still working for you, generating leads, well after it has left its top spot on your website. Old content can be some of your most successful, if written well.

6. Fresh content

Adding new content to your website keeps it fresh and interesting, giving people reasons to return and helping to improve your SEO ranking further (Google likes to see websites that are constantly being updated, as it shows it isn’t out-of-date).

7. Bespoke links

You can use your blog content to share on social media and newsletters. This gives you fresh content to share more regularly that is bespoke to your business, and also inspires potential customers to head direct to your site, where they may then feel inclined to make a purchase that they perhaps otherwise wouldn’t have made.

8. Inspire trust

Many people like to read blog content about a business before making a purchase; a blog can act as a lead generation tool.

9. Education

It can help to educate your audience about your service or product, demonstrating reasons for why they should buy from you. This can be important, especially if your business focusses on a specific area (such as being sustainable or organic).

10. Back-links and PR

Other blogs and websites may link to your blog content or repost your content with links to your site. This can significantly help with gaining quality back-links, which also helps with SEO. It may also lead to journalists spotting a blog that gets their interest and wanting to write about a business having been inspired by their content.

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