The power of a creative brand launch video for a forward-thinking architects firm

The power of a creative brand launch video for a forward-thinking architects firm

If you are looking to work with a creative marketing agency to rebrand your business, have you ever considered how you might then launch your brand once completed?


We had the pleasure of working with Scene Architects earlier this year on their brand launch video, as part of the full renaming and rebranding project we completed for them. This video was shown at their amazing launch party in Chelmsford, in front of over 200 industry guests and clients.

Have a watch here:

Our motion graphic designer, Tom Kelly, explains more about the work behind this video:


What was the creative concept for this video?

The concept behind the video was to show off the clients’ portfolio of work and to clarify their services, post-merger, all while introducing the new visual identity (without explicitly talking about it). The video primarily served as the debut of the rebrand at their launch event, however, it was also intended to be used as a promotional tool that could be used to introduce themselves going forward.

What was the creative process for this video? How did you approach it?

It was my job to take the new brand, the storyboard and the desired content and bring it to life in a concise but impactful, high-energy video. I approached this video firstly by finding upbeat and energetic music that was fitting of the brand’s personality, and used the structure of the track to align and time the content in the video, using beat-matched cuts and transitions to introduce each element quickly and to maintain the momentum of the video throughout.

What was the most challenging part of creating this video?

The most challenging element of this video was balancing the combination of motion graphics and video interview footage to maintain the level of energy and impact that would hold audience attention. You know that with a brand video like this, its lifetime value could be long and its use cases will be varied, so it has to be engaging and captivating in whatever context it appears.

What was the most exciting part of creating the video for Scene Architects?

The most exciting part of the video production process was working with our design team (who are responsible for the brand creation) to experiment and establish the rules of movement for such a contemporary and creative brand.

What makes you most proud with this video?

I felt proud when I attended the launch event myself and witnessed the debut of Scene Architect’s new brand through this video, seeing the excited reaction and intrigue from all in attendance. It was great to be a part of that journey.

What would you do differently if you could?

There is not much I would do differently with the video. I feel it was a very good fit for the brand and worked well in its function. The one thing I’d tweak would perhaps be the contrast between the darker colours. As you can’t control how the video is shown on-screen once it’s left the studio and is being used by others, sometimes the depth of colour doesn’t match the quality of the displays we have in the studio, and, as mentioned earlier, you have to create these kinds of videos to serve a long life in many different use cases.

See behind the scenes in the making of this brand video: