Meet the Team at Built Agency: Crafting Success Through Collaboration

Meet the Team at Built Agency: Crafting Success Through Collaboration

At Built Agency, we believe that the foundation of our success lies in the careful selection and collaboration of a diverse and talented team. Our team is like a meticulously plotted jigsaw, with each member contributing unique expertise and experience from various industries to create a powerhouse of creative consultancy.

Our core team are based at our HQ in Ardleigh where we work with a network of other specialists across the UK and Worldwide to suit our clients needs.

Grace Carter – Founder/Owner, Marketing Director

Meet Grace, our visionary Founder and Marketing Director. An expert in strategy and creative storytelling, Grace is a hardworking leader with a vivacious and infectious personality. Her creative and commercially-savvy approach, coupled with a results-driven mindset, ensures a positive impact for clients, big and small.

Tommy Steward – Senior Designer

Tommy, our Design Director, focuses on creative services, branding, concepts, UI design, and illustration. Instrumental in building our agency’s high status, Tommy sets creative processes, conducts strategic workshops, and mentors staff. His strength lies in creative direction, crafting brands that make our clients stand out.

Amy Brazewell – Marketing Strategist

Amy, our Marketing Strategist, is a kind, talented, and enthusiastic strategist with experience across a broad customer base, from construction to financial services. Reliable and highly motivated, she brings multidisciplinary experience and skills in marketing, communications, and brand strategy.

Jemma Jones – Sales & Partnerships Manager

Jemma, our Happiness Queen and Sales & Partnerships Manager, radiates positivity. A confident and vivacious sales professional, Jemma believes there’s always a positive in any situation. Reach out to Jemma at [email protected] to discover the exciting opportunities with Built Agency.

Kirsty Laifa – Marketing Account Manager

Kirsty, our Marketing Account Manager, is a bubbly team player with extensive business marketing and sales development experience. She manages long-term key customer accounts and plays a vital role in fostering relationships between clients and our in-house creative team.

Joe Dougherty – Senior Web Developer

Meet Joe, our superbly clever full-stack developer and Senior Web Developer at Built. Joe specialises in building websites and creating the perfect customer journey. With a calm and cool exterior, Joe is a coding genius and a perfect fit for our ethos of getting the job done.

Jenni Harvey – Studio Manager

Jenni, our Studio Manager, is the crucial ‘cog’ in the Built Agency workflow. As the guiding force on the operational side of the business, Jenni keeps the studio work in check, flexes capacity bookings, and ensures successful output for our clients.

Bryony Ball – Marketing Account Manager

Bryony, an energetic and friendly expert in Account Management, brings 10 years of agency experience in the shopper marketing industry. A natural communicator and relationship builder, Bryony excels across multiple channels, ensuring effective communication and project management.

Paula Boateng – Finance Assistant

Paula, our charismatic Finance Assistant, brings over 15 years of experience in the finance and strategy field. With a deep understanding of different cultures and environments, Paula navigates decision-making timeframes, pressures, and challenges with ease.

Discover the dynamic synergy of our team and explore how Built Agency can elevate your business. Book a discovery call with our Sales Manager, Jemma Jones, by reaching out to [email protected]. Uncover the opportunities that await when you partner with Built Agency’s expertise.